2012 saw the Annual Energy Africa Conference take place in my backyard. The energy Africa conference focuses on addressing questions ranging from; how can Africa develop in a responsible fashion? Can we leap frog conventional fuels to renewable energy sources in Africa the right away just like the telecommunications industry did with mobile phones? The conference brings the higher echelon of the energy industry, policy makers, small startups and all others interested in contributing or understanding those questions. This invaluable pool of individuals who presented their findings mostly in roundtable/panel style discussions and individual presentations provided a plethora of information some of which I was able to note. Continue reading “Energy Africa Conference Summary” »


I was recently reached out to by a young man in Nigeria looking to come down to the US to study chemical engineering. On the one hand, I realized that I am growing old. On the other hand, I figured my little knowledge about how things work here, in my responses to him, might benefit someone else. So find below, excerpts of our interractions over about a week and a half.


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We all have our idiosyncrasies. Some we are proud of, others not so much. For me, one of these unique actions is how I always have a set of songs/albums I listen to back to back to usher in my New Year. As fate would determine, I tend to find these items prior to Christmas day and sail right into the New Year playing these tracks non-stop. This New Year list had not just one track but 7 albums all but one of which came from individuals I am already familiar with their music. It was more of a rekindling of past relationships with a composer or an Orchestra group. Here they are.
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The DJ Spunne project is a brand identity and promotion project for a prolific DJ in the Denver Metro area who has come up with an authentic sound he calls AzonTech. As the name suggests, Azontech is a fusion of Azonto sounds and Techno. Find a download link to his mix below.


Slow Connections can download snippets below:





Surface Basics

living with surface

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It has been a little over a month since the Microsoft Surface, the purported iPad killer by some, was released to eager consumers in all its clicking glory. The Microsoft Surface is Microsoft’s maiden entrance into the computing business. A company known for it’s software and peripherals, Microsoft has found it imperative to make it’s own computing devices and I have had the pleasure of owning one since it launched on Oct 26th. Continue reading “Living with the Microsoft Surface Tablet” »