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The Action Congress of Nigeria, USA Chapter, has called on all progressives in Nigeria to come together under the umbrella of APC to sweep PDP government of President Goodluck Jonathan out of power. Rising from its last convention in Chicago, Illinois, USA, ACN-USA said that this is the best chance for the progressives to form the Federal Government of Nigeria for the first time in the history of the country. ACN-USA appeals to leaders of various progressive parties and organizations to put the interest of Nigeria above any personal interests or political ambitions.

The National Secretary of ACN, Senator Lawal Shuaibu, who was the Guest Speaker at the convention, commended the Nigerians in the Diaspora for their love, commitments and contributions to Nigeria’s development. He acknowledged the role played by Nigerians in the Diaspora in the fight against dictatorship and the entrenchment of democracy in Nigeria. He said the APC was born out of the deliberate concern to rebalance our national history, redefine our democratic roadmap, and reinvent national integration for stability and prosperity, and to replace impunity, which has been the trademark of PDP since 1999, with good governance. Senator Shuaibu said Nigerians are excited about APC which is now a household name in the country within the short period and call for support of Nigerians at home and abroad for the party. He said that ACN-USA and our great country, Nigeria, can be mutually enriched by forging an inseparable and genuine partnership in our vision and mission for a progressive, stable, prosperous and democratic Nigeria.

Also speaking at the convention, Gov. Rauf Aregbesola, the keynote speaker, who was represented by Professor Adebayo Williams, commended members of the ACN-USA for their robust contribution to the party, especially for raising the party’s flag and giving it a voice in the great country of USA, the land of freedom. He condemned the violence and acts of terrorism in Nigeria. He particularly condemned the kidnapping of an ACN local government chairman in Lagos and the killing of the former Deputy Governor of Anambra State, Dr Chudi Nwike. He said the breakdown of law and order, leading to insecurity of lives and property in Nigeria is caused by social injustice leading to economic deprivation of the masses of the people, the culture of impunity, when the impression is given that the country is a huge outlaw estate, and the failure of the justice system, when the weak and underprivileged are no longer assured of obtaining justice from the legal system and then resort to self help. He said what we are seeing is a challenge of democracy and a call to patriots to rescue our country from this unmitigated slide into chaos.

He said never in the history of our country has there been such need for the intervention of the progressives in the polity and that Nigeria is very ripe for deliverance and salvation. Gov. Aregbesola called on all progressives and genuine patriots to rise to the occasion and fill the deep yearnings of Nigerians and rescue our land from the PDP in the coming election. He said that it may be too much to ask the Diaspora to come home to vote, but they can offer support in many other ways. He said the Diaspora can give financial support where possible; engage the international community on the situation in Nigeria, especially on the plight of opposition in Nigeria and the coming elections. He said the governorship elections in Ekiti and Osun in 2014 stand out and will be a prelude to the 2015 elections. He said the international community must be made to play greater roles in the conduct of free and fair elections, beyond mere observers. He said there have been enough observations, it’s time to make every citizen participate in elections and make every vote count in Nigeria. He said the opportunity to build the Nigeria of our dream is here now and he urged all true patriots to take it with full hands.

The two day convention was also addressed by Otunba Henry Oladele Ajomale who stood in for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Chief Bisi Akande as the Guest of Honor and Chairman respectively. Otunba Ajomale said that ACN leaders in Nigeria are happy with the activities of ACN-USA in the USA especially its promotion of ACN and recruitment of members for the party. He thanked the leaders and members of ACN-USA for their commitments and support for ACN and for progressive politics in Nigeria. He hoped that APC will give us the platform to actualize the visions we all have for Nigeria.

Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, the Chairman of House Committee on Diaspora issues emphasized on the role the Diaspora must play in the development of Nigeria. She called on a thorough and modern database of Nigerians in the Diaspora. Senator Babafemi Ojudu, Mr. Kayode Opeifa, Lagos State Commissioner for transportation, Dr. Andrew Anugwom, a Dallas based businessman, Hon. Judge Dele Alade and Oloye Lekan Awojoodu all spoke on the role of the Diaspora in the Nigerian political system especially in the emerging APC.

Chairman of ACN-USA, Tony Ike Isama and ACN-USA Secretary, Kunle Oshunlalu both outlined the role ACN-USA has been playing to help stimulate and prepare the international community for APC and a potential APC Federal Government in Nigeria. Mr. Isama called for an expanded role for foreign chapters in the constitution of APC. He thanked ACN leaders for repositioning the party with the emerging APC thereby giving the party the greatest chance to win the Federal Government of Nigeria. He said that ACN-USA will continue to do everything within its power to support APC and work hard to ensure victory for its candidates in the coming elections.

Goodwill and solidarity messages were sent to the convention by Senator Chris Ngige, Chief Segun Osoba, Alhaji Bello, Ogun State ACN Chairman and Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN, the ACN governorship candidate for Ondo State.

The convention was well attended by ACN leaders and members across the globe including strong delegation from ACN Canada led by its Chairman Mr. Ajimotokan, Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi, Senator George Akume, Pa Olupitan and 3 members from the Lagos State House of Assembly including Hon. Adebisi Yusuf and Hon. Muyiwa Jimoh. Also in attendance were Hon. Adesegun Labinjo, the Deputy Chairman of ACN-USA, Hon. Ademola Adesanya, the Organizing Secretary, Ms. Busola Akeredolu, the former ACN-USA Organizing Secretary, Mr. Adekunle Olayinka, Personal Assistant to Otunba Ajomale, Princess Aderemi Adebowale, Ms. Felicity Mbanefo, the ACN-USA Woman leader, Mr. Ayo Olasege, Mr. Kunle Masha, Ms. Patricia Ibekwe, the ACN-USA Deputy Secretary, Mr. Lamoriyu, Mr. Kehinde Kolawole, Mr. Musa Fatai, Mr. Lekan Ajibola, Mrs. Toyin Ayeni, Mrs. Khairat Animashaun, Mr. Adekunle Lawal, Alhaji Hammed Famuyide, Professor Moses Mabayoje, Mr. Victor Abejide, and hosts of others.

Friday May 17th to the 19th saw the last ACN conference hold in the windy city of Chicago. The ACN an acronym for the Action congress of Nigeria ceased to exist a few weeks ago when the party ratified its merger plan with other opposition parties to form the new All Progressive Congress (APC). The Conference with the central theme; The New Vista and the Role of the Diaspora involved Government officials from the party and members of the party all over the USA with a strong presence of ACN Canada.

[Update: it was made clear to me by my comrade Kayode Adegbola that ACN STILL exists until the merger process is completed. The convention only favored the merger by resolution]

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The USA chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria just concluded its convention in beautiful Chicago. The conference theme was;  “ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS (APC): THE NEW VISTA AND THE ROLE OF THE DIASPORA” and it was well attended by leadership of the party formerly known as ACN and soon to be christened APC should all pieces be put in place. Read the Summary of the event HERE.


I would like to thank the entire ACN US branch for giving me the opportunity to speak on behalf of my dad, Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN), the Gubernatorial candidate at the just concluded Ondo State election. Although we did not win and there exists a plethora of reasons thrown out from all nooks and crannies explaining why, the battle is still on going even despite the unfavorable outcome of the petition at the tribunal level. I state unequivocally that Aketi has vowed to continue the fight to the finish and his reason for being absent at this joyous event is a result of him working on ensuring justice is served as the case moves up to the appeal court.

Many of our dignitaries present at this event know of Aketi’s tenacity when it comes to doing what is right, prosecuting his convictions with utmost courage; we have appreciated the doggedness and resilience he showed as NBA president, throughout the electioneering period and even through the disappointments.  He has been an integral part of the ACN legal team in numerous dispensations and will continue to show his support and absolute allegiance to the party. He sends his regards. But this is not why we are here.

We are here to acknowledge the rebirth of a figurative phoenix. Greek Mythology speaks of the fabled Phoenix, the all-powerful bird known to resurrect in a pool of fire; renewed, reinvigorated and reenergized.  Although the Action Congress of Nigeria as a name and acronym seizes to exist from now on, the party has imbibed its strengths and channeled it into what has now become the APC, a product of a new burning light in Nigeria’s nascent democracy. We are here to channel a future that recognizes Nigeria’s intellectual pool and under utilized people resource living in the diaspora. This is a testament to the forward thinking ideologies championed by our great party which we have had the privilege of seeing in APC run Edo, Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Oyo & Osun states.

As a 24 year old with a keen interest in my country’s political landscape, I have, like many of my other colleagues have taken a cursory look at the Nigerian situation from the outside in. The Situation in the country is rather unfortunate. Having had the privilege of spearheading Aketi’s multimedia campaign effort on the internet, disappointments which are a product of a failed state abound but they also reveal a glimmer of hope for a better Nigeria. The internet has truly amplified what was already known to many; the literacy problem and what would seem like a deliberate act of the media to capitalize on this shortcoming and purposefully misinform the Nigerian Polity. The Internet in many other regards has exposed a lot of Nigeria to a larger pool of Nigerians in the diaspora. We are more informed about the happenings in the country now more than ever and a new wave of patriotism has ensued as a result. Just two presidential terms ago, one man may have had a vision and could only share it amongst his closed circles but now, an idea can result in the Arab springs thanks to the internet or the Oil Subsidy riots fueled by internet phenomena such as BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Facebook and twitter.

We cannot talk about the dire Nigerian situation without acknowledging the Boko Haram & Militant insurgencies holding our country ransom.  it is most shocking to see the slothful pace of the current administration to acknowledge the situation and act proactively. it is most discomforting that in a centralized system where all security parastatal reside at the center, the president deemed it fit to lay a lot of the blame on the governors of these states. Many of us here are aware of the cries of ACN  led states for a dissolution of power. Even I have seen well established democracies dissolve policing all the way down to universities. I am convinced this is the first step to steering the Nigerian ship ashore before it sinks.

Need we speak about corruption at an all time high? Or should we talk about the witch hunt of individuals who do not share the current agenda championed by the current administration? Do we need to speak of the increase in poverty which is gravely at odds with the current windfall of revenue from crude oil? Do we need to emphasize our over reliance on oil even though facts have shown that the USA is poised to produce enough oil for the world and shock the prices of oil? What do we do then?

I ask these questions because many Nigerians in Nigeria are oblivious to these truths or misinformed. Diasporans have been fortunate to see real democracy at work. We have been experienced research, forward thinking and purpose driven economies, are knowledgeable & determined enough to want to contribute for the betterment of our country.

Aketi’s Slogan for his campaign was “it is time for service”. We as interested parties in a New Nigeria are fortunate to be at the cusp of imminent change right now. We have been blessed with tools that make connecting, galvanizing and influencing people positively, almost trivial. They say with great power, comes great responsibility. As we take time to harness the resources at our disposal, I implore all not forget that we are just as responsible to the billionaire going Scott free for bribing an elected official as we are to the beggar on the street that might be facing jail time for stealing a packet of biscuit because he has been unemployed even with a university degree. We have come to answer Nigeria’s call to serve the father land. Let us obey and do so with love, strength and absolute faith in our country, our people and in whatever higher power we acknowledge.

Thank you for your time.


As a part of the Rotimi Akeredolu Governorship campaign, I was involved in proffering ideas on how to contribute to the Technology aspect of the campaign manifesto. In doing so, I focused on a part of the recent technology revolution I believed the State could tap into in a relatively short period of time and make rapid impact.

 Harnessing The Growing ICT Industry Worldwide.

The World Bank recently implored the Nigerian Government to diversify its sources of revenue in order to reduce its dependence on oil revenue. This call was incited by the uncertainty of the price of crude oil. It is not news that crude oil accounts for over 90 percent of exports and well over 70 percent of the consolidated government revenues. Other areas of the economy that account for the remainder 30% include; agriculture, banking and telecommunications. Significant emphasis has been placed on developing agriculture but a particular industry that has been only but a bleep on Nigeria’s economic radar could turn out to be a major force if developed effectively; The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and software industry.

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I had written this editorial 3 months ago for TechSuplex on what I considered the key factors that would benefit and instigate the much needed growth of the Windows Phone 8 platform. Although it has only been three months since it was launched and barely 2 months since phones were made available, one can argue that Windows Phone has finally begun to gain traction and garner mind share needed to boost the platform.

My Hopes For Windows Phone 8

The official launch of Windows Phone 8 takes place in a few Minutes. Not too long ago, my colleague on the Suplex put up a post regarding his fears about the soon to be announced windows phone 8 platform. I had seen a notification about this post and I was hit with a conundrum; do I read and then respond to his points? Do I just read and keep those points until the right time comes in a few months to analyze his views? I opted for neither, hence the title of this post. I have chosen to list out what I consider the hopes for windows phone 8. The key observations that make the platform a guaranteed 3rd ecosystem and a breakout success to the general public. Continue reading “My Hopes For Windows Phone 8” »

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The Windows Store recently hit the 35,000 apps milestone. As the App Store grows, locating quality apps for our ever complex and increasing tasks becomes a lot more difficult. To make life easier for our readers, we have collated 16 must have apps on your Windows 8/RT device. These app choices range from productivity tools to games to apps for popular hobbies. Join us as we dig into Windows 8 and its “formerly known as Metro” influenced apps. (App titles are also links to the app download page int he Windows Store) Continue reading “Must Have Windows 8 Apps” »

This Article was written for the February/March edition of New Kulture magazine, a new Nigerian magazine.

Many pundits in all possible corridors have heralded that we are in the post PC era. Regular PC sales have been on a steady decline and the introduction of the iPad and other Tablets into the market has only accelerated this trend. It therefore comes as no shock to most that even Microsoft, a firm that has never made a computer before has desperately jumped into the field with its new and trendy Microsoft surface line of tablet Computers. The world is truly at a turning point with regards to how people understand and use computing devices.

What makes a tablet in its current iteration better than a regular computer? If practicality would have it, all a tablet has going over a PC is its portability and long battery life. The compromise here is that most tablets lack the ability to improve productivity. Productivity in the sense of traditional work practices; typing up a report, graphics design, viewing spreadsheets or responding to loads of email amongst many other scenarios. Tablets nonetheless make great consumption devices. The average individual uses their tablet devices to play games, watch movies, browse the web or as a companion to their TV’s. Even with it’s shortcomings, most consumers are making their exodus from traditional laptops and PC’s to tablets regardless of whether or not it meets their productivity needs. For one, Apple is to blame for such an uptick in desire for tablets. On the other hand, there is an increase in professional establishments adopting tablets for specific work scenarios that benefit from their strongest selling points of portability and battery life.

Why are tablets very different from PC’s? This is an age old question. There is a school of thought that Tablets are very much PC’s built to address different tasks. I mean, the first Tablet ran Windows, the archetypical PC Software, and it was a tablet from basically a form factor perspective. A PC is a computing device and what else does a tablet do but compute? You cannot change the fact that Akara and Moi Moi [Nigerian Meals made from ground/grinded beans] are both beans even though they look different and to a large extent taste different. Since the launch of the iPad, Apple has successfully sold the idea of the Tablet as a different device. Tablets do not run Programs, they run Apps. Tablets do not need other physical components like a hardware keyboard or a mouse. Your screen is your gateway to everything. Tablets are all about touch. These are the fundamental selling points given by Apple in selling the iPad and they have ultimately led to a schism between what a PC is and what a tablet is.

Fundamentally, the true difference between a PC and a tablet is more internal than it is external. This difference lies in the heart of any computing device; it’s micro processor. When the average Joe goes into a store to pick up a laptop, he might ask “Is it intel or AMD. Me I want Celeron or Pentium o”. On the contrary, when such an individual goes into a store for a tablet, he might inquire “iPad or Galaxy. Please give me iPad”. It is subtle, almost subliminal but the core architecture of a tablet is what separates it from a PC. Tablets use Integrated Circuits called System on a Chip. I will not go into the technical details of these chip setups but they, unlike the Intel or AMD chips in your PC do not require fans, they are always on and they are extremely low powered. To be exact, they are pretty much your mobile phone Chips powering a bigger screen. These chips, produced by companies such as Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments use a totally different set of rules and as a result cannot run software initially created for your PC or Macs out the gate. They are a new breed of computing. They define mobile computing.

Why should you care? It is a good idea to understand, and recognize such differences before making a final decision to purchase a PC or a tablet. It is also important to realize that these lines are getting blurred. With the introduction of the Microsoft Surface and Intel making its own brand of Mobile computing styled chips that run your regular PC programs, the line Apple successfully created, differentiating a PC from a tablet is getting blurred. Questions you must ask yourself before picking one or the other should border along the lines of; Why am I purchasing this device? Is it for work or for school? Is it just to watch movies and Play games? Is it because everyone else has it? Whatever reasons you have, rest assured, as tablets grow in volume, variety, power and flexibility, tablets will become the New PCs. Welcome to the Tablet PC era.


The subject matter was a three word “punch line” I came up with to best simplify a phrase I have grown to live by; “Seek first to understand, before being understood” amongst many other phrases such as this famous one from Jesus Christ “Judge not, lest ye be Judged”. I had first stumbled unto this phrase about seeking to understand while reading Stephen Covey’s Seven habits of highly effective people book and it stood out amongst the plethora of great writing and advice from him. This phrase stood as a rather poignant foundation to my next set of innate quotes, both of which can be found in the “babse who?” page of this website. What are they you might wonder? The first of it is; “Anything Can be Justified.” and the second; “Life is not about rights or wrongs but actions and consequences of those actions.” With the premise set, I’d love to take you to the world of TLL.
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